Brenna Kramer

Founder at Borboleta

Brenna speaks directly and with conviction. Even her movements are pointed with meaning and intentionality, but she's not some taskmaster, everything she does is softened with grace. Brenna knows words mean little without a life that proves their worth, and she actually lives out every philosophy she defends. She wants to help others find the courage to do the same.  

Despite her confidence and poise, Brenna is surprisingly reserved. She was hesitant to include photos of herself on her website, and was uncertain about making a video. But after discussing her goals for Borboleta, she discovered that a bit of vulnerability on her end might encourage others to do the same. For Brenna, the first step toward living well is to stop trying to win everyone else's approval, and, as she says, "just do what you do what you do."

We chose a dandelion for the logo because it proves that ugliness and beauty and work and pleasure all go together (weed, flower, weeding, wine). To hint at its meaning, Borboleta is placed where you might expect to see a butterfly. The cool brightness and simplicity of the site is an invitation to breathe and let the eyes rest, as if you were at the beach early in the morning. 



A note from brenna:

"Nick is able to sniff out beauty and art in all that he encounters.  Even if it were a piece of gravel that looks like all the others, he would find and praise what makes it different and why its role is important.  He helped me find that unique piece in my business and guided me to reconnect and recommit to the reason why I do what I do.  His ability to brand and communicate that vision is seamless and offers my clients an experience rather than a transaction." 


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