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What type of work is your bread and butter and/or are you undeniably an expert at? At the end, #words that describe your style or your guiding principles.
What type of work is your dream work? What do you want to be an expert at in 10 years? At the end, #names of artists/designers/projects that motivate and inspire you.
What do you need most from a creative brief in order to do your best work?
What you do best. *
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Please list the software and apps you use everyday to do your work. Include creative suite + time management/invoicing/collaboration apps as well.
ARRGH! Revisions and Deadlines.
Just a little survey to help us all work better together. Be honest.
I appreciate clearly defined milestones for developing my creative work.
Deadlines scare the s#@t outta me.
I do revisions best after meeting clients in person.
I do all revisions remotely through my trusty apps.
I enjoy quick turnaround time because I hate lingering projects.
I take my time with my art and it shows.

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