Heather roddy

Owner and Designer at Valzora Bell

Heather furnishes the world around her with color. Every piece in her home has an identity of its own with some custom adornment covered in her fingerprints. She dresses vibrantly and unexpectedly, injecting liveliness and fun into the room. She believes self-care and freedom of expression not only make our personal lives more endurable and beautiful, but also encourage those around us to take risks and chase after what they want from this one life. 

Heather's enthusiasm for newness and change has given her experiences in almost every corner of the beauty industry. Her background as a make-up artist taught her to keep the personality and natural beauty of her subject foremost, and she carries this same philosophy into her clothing and accessory designs. I'm sure her clients enjoy their time with her as much as they do their rare, custom treasures. 

The website for Valzora Bell is bright and colorful, with tones that match Heather's work space. It is simple, just one page, in order to feel like an introduction to a new person and a new idea. The VB logo is taken from the stitched insignia Heather sews in to each project she creates, always in a new spot; the gold thread and double-backed stitch communicate both quality and handmade character. 



A Note from heather:

"Nick was a dream to work with. As a small business owner and designer, it can be intimidating putting yourself and your work out there and Nick made the process so comfortable and seamless and the end result was better than I could have imagined!"


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