James Peeken

Proprietor of Ludlow Home

James hates the internet. Well, he hates that the internet doesn't have a smell, that it can't be sanded down and refinished, that it's never lost in an attic and found again decades later. His shop is a perfect blend of clean intentionality and lived-in freedom - a careful display of real things. Unlike digital things, real things are made by hand, storied by daily use, and sometimes surprise us by containing a kind of soul. James sees the soul in things, and opens his customers' eyes to see it too. 

The most interesting artists live thematically. They take an idea, a word, an image, or an object and look at the world through it for awhile. This isn't some safe armchair exercise, it's an adventure, a challenge, and it changes people. James is this kind of artist and his stories and objects are proof. The day we filmed him, he was reflective, thinking about where he'd come from and also plotting a next move, a new theme. 

In order to communicate Ludlow's commitment to real things, we took close-up photos of some objects in the shop to capture its textures and hidden corners. The site is intentionally simple, almost too simple, as if to say "you'll never get the whole story here on the internet, you have to come walk through the front door." The primary image of the motorcycles piques curiosity and, hopefully, tugs a few hearts toward adventure. 



A Note from James:

"Nick's nuanced approach to helping build my business's brand has been an invaluable resource. Far more than simply creating a website or video, his holistic method of incorporating both traditional and less conventional strategies has helped me connect with my customers in all new ways, while remaining true to my company's ideals, goals, and identity."


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