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It's clear that Joe pursues excellence. He speaks carefully and with a strong cadence, so that every sentence seems like a tiny proverb you should write on your hand. He understands the power of quiet, and he made me a cortado on his home espresso machine that he let me savor in silence. This all makes him a masterful interviewer, arming him with concise and deep-reaching questions and the confidence to hold those oh-so-important spaces of reflection that yield the most interesting revelations from his interviewees. 

We discovered through our conversations that it wasn't the successes of leaders that intrigued Joe most, but the failures and struggles of these leaders. How did they overcome? He said that wisdom seems to be a trade secret these days, something held close to keep any advantage away from the competition. He aims to change that with Manolin. 

For the Manolin logo, we wanted to combine the ancient foundation of wisdom with a sharply modern look in order to communicate a convergence of generations. A type-based logo reflects the primary content well and the subtle fishing line with the "w" hook hints at the name's origin (The Old Man and the Sea) as well as Joe's hunger for catching wisdom. The website is simple and clean in order to highlight, and never distract from, the writing itself; it is a digital version of a modern quarterly journal. 




“After clarifying my organization’s identity with Nick, I am coming up with all kinds of new ways to connect it with markets I hadn't thought of before. I’m convinced now that identity clarification is essential, not only for marketing purposes, but for focusing all aspects of my business. I thought I just needed a video and a website, but Nick helped me see clearly where I'm headed. And I'm thrilled.”


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