Sarah lives outside the city in a beautiful 100-year-old craftsman home. The front porch is covered in bright Douglas Fir and there's a bench swing on one end. We filmed her here, in the place she writes most of her music. She's energetic and constantly entertaining us with her tight, comedic storytelling; she's sarcastic, but never intimidating. She's generous with her life story, her home, her friends, and even her whiskey. She not only wants to connect with people, she wants to give them something inspiring and memorable, something to keep. 

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Songwriting is so natural and necessary for Sarah that when I asked why she writes music, she had trouble answering. We talked about how life with music is different from life without music and something clicked. She understands that we all have some wound that needs healing and that music, beauty, home, bandmates, and family make up the salve we all need. It's obvious that everything from her website to stage presence should reflect this. 

Exploring Sarah's website is like entering her home. Everything from the damask wallpaper to the gilded frames reflect something about her creative landscape. Her Instagram is about her family, and her large Facebook friend count proves how generous she is with people. Sarah is so connected to her work (and brand) that it will inevitably continue to grow, and wildly. 



A Note from Sarah:

"Working with Nick is the easiest thing in the world to do. He has an uncanny knack for putting you at ease and drawing out the heart of what motivates you. His sincerity breaks down any walls and creates an environment that allows you to hone in on your precise brand identity, each and every detail - both conceptually and visually. Your business/brand will never operate the same once you have sat down with him. You will pursue every endeavor with a bit more purpose and passion." 


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