reach the right people.

Here's how.


Identity Workshop

This is at the heart of everything we do at Hank. It helps us uncover the best way to talk about a business, so the right people will understand. It's different for every client, but is always light-hearted, creative, and powerful.  

1-Minute video

Hank's favorite tool.  You get 6 seconds to grab a users attention online. That means get them to either click or remember something important. The magic of the short video is that a moment's impulse can immediately open up a whole world. And, if that world is meaningful, beautiful, and brief, you'll capture the curiosity of every user that connects with who you are, and what you offer. 

Excellent User Experience

All our websites our built with one priority: user experience. Like any space we live and work in, a web space should be a delight to explore and spend time in. We don't rely on over-used paradigms, but approach every project with fresh eyes and ideas. 

design with backbone

Because Hank spends time understanding a business's identity, we take a more meaningful approach to what we call "identity incarnation." We take it seriously. Every color, word, and shape for a website, logo, poster, mural - no matter how big or small - tells a little portion of the bigger story.

content strategy

A website, video, blog, or instafeed is only as good as the content in it. This shouldn't be created by some faceless "content monger" but written internally by those who know the business and the industry. Hank creates strategic editorial calendars in order to roll out the best content at the right time, so a growing brand story keeps growing. 


This is an invaluable little document that our clients keep ready-at-hand even after our project wraps up. It spells out all the specifics of our work together and makes it easy to communicate and ensure brand consistency across teams and over time. It holds all the color specs, the writing style, the values of a brand with a unique, living personality. 


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