Shane Flora

Founder at The Anchor Project

Shane is a quiet visionary, confident in his convictions and goals without submitting to our culture's preference for the zealous extravert. He wins loyalty through his constancy and respect for everyone around him, especially those young folks he devotes so much of his time to. When Shane discovers a new truth - some fresh idea or solution or piece of wisdom - he pockets it and carries it with him everywhere, certain of its future usefulness. My guess is his pockets are nearly full and The Anchor Project and Seattle youth will benefit greatly because of it. 

Shane has taken The Anchor Project through a number of iterations over the past two years in order to find the best way to serve the city. His hunger for honest feedback has led to a more concise and sustainable vision, and our conversations have uncovered important language for sharing this vision well. Shane understands the power of imagery and design to communicate new ideas, which made working with him from logo to video a rewarding experience.

A hand drawn logo (originally drawn with a stick and mud, then made digital), custom illustrations, energetic photos, and matching print collateral demonstrate the importance of creativity, self-efficacy, and excellence to the organization. The web experience is visually fun, but concise and to the point, offering a clear call to action. An illustrated slideshow telling the story of the organization (example below) provides Shane a powerful aid during presentations. 



a note from shane:

"Working with Nick was an incredible experience. His eye for aesthetic and ability to produce amazing content is uncanny. But the true value in working with him came in the way he helped clarify and solidify our vision and messaging, which in turn reinforced the passion I have for the work I am doing and improved my ability to communicate it with my team and clients. His approach is holistic genius!"


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