Travis Mann

Partner and Financial Planner at The Smith Richards Group

Travis wears a tailored cut of enthusiasm. He is passionate, but not overbearing; knowledgable without a hint of arrogance; driven, but carefully strategic. His professionalism is not contrived: it seems he was born to be articulate, prudent, and polished. Of course, this makes it easy for him to keep clients, but I'd guess his business is growing because he truly attends to people. With genuine interest, he asks good questions and responds with heartfelt encouragement. 

We filmed Travis in his home, where his values are most firmly set. His son, Henry, was eager to learn about the camera equipment and proved his Hollywood potential immediately. We filmed quickly as the sun was setting, but Travis is so well-connected to his convictions that we wrapped up in enough time to share a meal with the family. 

With such a long-standing reputation of success, The Smith Richards Group needed a timeless website built on strong copy, not visual trends. There are no distracting animated elements or parallax effects, and although we were careful to keep only the most necessary content, the copy-based landing page nods to the security of tradition. The Identity Workshop with Travis and the SRG team was particularly rewarding, and although Hank technically wrote and edited the final copy, the language is truly their own. 



NOte from Travis:

"Working with Nick was a dream. Nick has a cross-section of unique talents that make him a great writer, designer, and strategist. He helped us not only come up with great language for our website but helped crystallize who we are as a business and the entire process reminded us why we work as hard as we do. Since Nick really understands us, he can communicate our story in a way that is both accurate and compelling. Nick made the process fun and effective - I would highly recommend him to anyone."


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